Operation research

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  • Publicado : 27 de febrero de 2012
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Operation research and tourism

All activities that we do in our travels, holidays, outings etc. that involving to do a tour from a place to another and stay for a certain time in place where theyusually do not stay is defined why a tourism, although the tourism is not a science is considered why a reality, we can apply the operations research to search the tourist satisfaction why algorithmsand mathematical models to assist to facilitate and speed in the decision making taking into account certain types of restrictions who were the propose by a tourist
In a case presenting problem inthe city of Merida which is located in western Venezuela we have to found that fourteen place, thirteen tourist sites and the hotel, a tourist X want to visit the city, the idea is to find the shortrout to make this journey in three days of ten our and evaluate the tourist satisfaction.
To find the solution to this problem we will study the multiple tools of operations research in whichwe find: problems of the shorter route, routing problem, the traveling salesman problem, multiple traveling salesmen problem, multiattributes models, multiplicative factors, routes generation, and algorithmsto maximization of satisfaction.
Thanks to all of them were able to determine the degree of preference of tourists evaluating satisfaction levels to posed to the make the visit to these places to soto choose the sites of preference, in this problem the results is obtaining by using the model multiattribute which allowed us to identify which sites should be visited, once analyzed this point wereto use a algorithm that search the routes to be taken in view of the status and distance that have to place to another place, but is definitely important to note that the shortest distance can becompletely change if the other route produce more satisfaction

For the implementation of this algorithm is necessary to dentify certain variables:
 the number of days that the tourist have...
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