Organic compounds

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Organic Compounds
Organic compounds are made up of atoms of carbon that easily bond together. Carbon is the main component of all organic compounds, appearing as bonded atoms or chains that can bedifferent shapes and lengths. Every organic compound has a carbon skeleton present. Some atoms that can be adjacent to the carbon atoms are nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen. These elements bondedtogether constitute most of the organic compounds found in living things.
Organic compounds make up and are present in all forms of life. The living is composed of systems of these organic compounds. Eventhough some vary in structure, all organic compounds exist in all living organisms. They construct the principal cell structure, and regular chemical reactions. Every biotic function depends onorganic compounds and they are majorly responsible for energy. Most processes in an organism could not take place without organic compounds.
Several types of organic compounds are known. Them being:carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids. Each one of these compounds helps functions in the organism, and each have a specific task. Carbohydrates are better known for sugars, and they are oneof the three of the organic compounds that provide the organism with energy. Carbohydrates break down fatty acids, and regulate blood sugar. Lipids are known as fats and oils. They provide theorganism with long term energy storage and contain more energy than any other molecule. Lipids store energy, insulate the body against heat loss, and create a protective layer of fat over major organs.Proteins provide energy and serve various functions in an organism, such as maintenance, repair, growth, movement, contraction, and transportation. They are each specialized to do a specific function inthe body. Nucleic acids are usually known as DNA. They form genes, and pass on hereditary material and genetic information from one organism to its offspring. The sequence of nucleic acids is needed...
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