Organizacion fisica de la pc

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Physical Organization of a computer

Physical Organization of a computer

Hardware: Is a physical and tangible parts of the computer. For example: Hard disks CPU Memories RAM Printer Monitor Oreverything what we can see and touch. touch

Software: This term is in use for naming the logical part of the computer, that is to say to all the programs that we know. Inside the classificationof the software they are: The Operating systems: Set of program that allows management and control the resources of the computer. They are an example of them Windows, Linux, Tiger, Solaris, Novell,etc. Programs of General Use: Use All those programs that we use to do any given task. For example: Word, Excel, Acess, Acrobat Reader, Corel, etc. Languages of Programming: All those programs that weuse to create or develop programs, For example: Visual Basic, Dev-C and Famous JAVA.

Input devices: Serves to put information into the computer (keyboard, Mouse, microphone, WebCam). Outpt devices:They present the information to the user (Printer,Monitor, etc).

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C.P.U Central Unit of Process: (Processor) Is adevice Process that one finds to the interior of the computer and that executes the instructions of the program. The processor
manipulates the information stored in the memory; it can recoverinformation from the memory. Also it stores the results of the processes in memory for his later use.

The processor consists of two components: Unit of Control: Manages the activities of the computer anddetermines that operation must be realized and in that order. Arithmetic Logic Unit: Manages arithmetical and logical and operations.

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• RAM (Random Access Memory) This is a volatile of memory, for there for information within...
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