Orientacion familiar y perspectiva sistemica

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f. Liquid substance, odorless, tasteless and colorless in small quantities and green or blue in masses, which is formed by combining one volume of oxygen andtwo hydrogen atoms:
Gas mixture that forms the Earth's atmosphere:
the air is mainly composed of oxygen and nitrogen.
Cuerpo humano
1 Object material thatcan be seen in the longitude, latitude and depth:
you put a foreign body in the eye.
2 In humans and animals, all the material parts that make up your body:
humanbody consists of head, trunk and extremities.
f. Physical quantity that measures the subjective feeling of warmth or coolness of the bodies or theenvironment:
The temperature is measured in degrees.
Any substance that takes or receives a living for nutrition:
food and liquid.
Individual ofthe human species.
any piece of cloth used to wear:
is walking around the clothing market positions.
Prepare or cook food so that they can eat:
hismother cooked in a wood oven.
Large undeveloped field outside the city limits:
His house is in the suburbs, and to the horizon are the fields.
animalesOrganic being who lives, feels and moves its own momentum:
does not like pets.
Animal gill breathing aquatic vertebrates and variable temperature, usuallyoviparous, with tips on how fins suitable for swimming and skin usually covered with scales:
the shark is a fish,
1 - Land or site fencing and plants, forhunting or recreation:
natural park of attractions.
2 - Land planted with trees located inside of a population as a playground:
take your child to the park every day.
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