Osama and firearms

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  • Publicado : 8 de julio de 2010
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In the given topics I have decided to direct my attention to Obamas’ stand on the ‘Gun Control Issue’.

http://www.gunbanobama.com/Default.aspx?NavGuid=530ecfa4-ae4e-4819-97e6-892463d99f08Has a number of facts that indicate Obama is against guns and is affiliated with several groups to aid in stopping the sale of firearms. In the article it states that Obama has gone voting forplenty of bans on firearms such as the Illinois State Senate bill to ban and confiscate “assault weapons” yet that bill would have also banned several other firearms including many guns used bysportmans.

The article also indicated that Obama has voted on just about everything to help ban, delay or eliminate the usage of firearms and their availability. In the article Obama has voted to promotewaiting lists, ban inexpensive handguns, he opposed the right to carry, endorsed a 500% increase on firearm and ammunition, and several other bans opposing guns.http://blogs.abcnews.com/politicalradar/2008/02/obama-common-se.html

This article talks about how Obama was on and off about his standing on gun control. It also indicated how Obama tried to stay away from the topic asmuch as possible, he even declined to take a position when being asked on a gun ban being reviewed by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The article also included a interpretation of what Obama thought the2nd Amendment was and he stated “There is an individual right to bear arms, but it is subject to common-sense regulation just like most of our rights are subject to common-sense regulation.” Indicatingthat he felt there was a need to change it or add more regulation to a law we have had for centuries.

http://www.barackobama.com/factcheck/2007/12/11/fact_check_no_news_in_obamas_c.phpThis site is the official site for Obama and it explains Obamas position and his ways of thinking concerning the issue of guns. It leads to explain that he taught the constitutional law in the...