Our time on earth

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Through all these years, The Human Race has shown positive proof to itself
about its magnificent capacity of evolution. Therefore is very important to
highlightthe emergence of such a wonderful race and we must look back on our
legacies, gifts given by those civilizations, founders of what today we know as
“Technology”. There are three giftsthat I thought were a fundamental part of human
Development, the first one was “The discovery of Fire”. The second one was “The
Language Development” and the last but not least “Theuse of Agriculture”.

The discovery of fire undoubtedly set up a guideline into the evolution of the
human race, bringing great benefits such as: being able to cook their food, beingable to protect themselves from the inclement weather and being able to protect
themselves from wildlife. These are only a few of an innumerable list of benefits
thanks to thisfound.

The meaning of language has been a basic discovery in the evolution process of
The human beings; allowing us to share our world through the exchange of
Ideas and words thathave unleashed a river of emotions that confirm our
Great humanity, and led us to the next step of evolution k called: “Socialization”.

The gift of Agriculture, gave humans morecontrol over their food supply.
Supported the sedentary communities, the accumulation of goods and tools and
the specialization in diverse forms of new labor. Therefore the developmentOf larger societies led to the development of a government.

In conclusion, the mother Earth has given us all the tools to evolve ourselves and
live together under the samesky, our ancestors have protected the gift
impeccably , let`s not destroy the chance with our egoism, let`s not stop
our evolution process with this modern cannibalism.
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