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  • Publicado : 24 de mayo de 2011
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My Blueberry Nights

This is a film directed by Wong Kar Wai. He is a Hong Kong director and this film was his first movie in English. Apparentlythis film seemed to be like typical romantic movies. But Wong wanted to give it another taste that made it very good.

In this movie there somestories that connecting each other in a particular and very good way. The first story starts with hopeless Elizabeth who thinks that has been cheatedby her boyfriend and want make sure going to the Café that he was the night before. In that Café meet Jeremy and unusually they start talking likethey were old friends. They establish a magical link maybe because they were looking for similar things. After that Elizabeth decided to go to Memphis.She meets a troubled man still obsessed on his ex-wife. Also when she goes to Nevada, she meets an irresponsible gambler called Leslie. Along theway, she sends postcards to Jeremy the Café proprietor that she meets at the start of the movie in New York.
Also in the movie appear very divers andbeautiful landscapes of Nevada, New York and other places. I remember the scene when Leslie and Elizabeth were saying good bye to the other and youcan see the gorgeous sunrise while they are taking different places on the road.
The woman who plays Elizabeth role is a jazz singer called NorahJones that made a song especially for the movie. The name of the song is “The story” and it is really good, with all the classic jazz style of Norah.
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