Paley's argument from design

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  • Publicado : 22 de junio de 2010
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Paley’s Argument From Design
The three attributes that define God are omnipotent (all-Powerful), omniscient (all-Knowing) and omni-benevolent (all-Good). In order to prove the existence of God,there must exist a being with these three properties. It is through William Paley’s argument from design that demonstrates the necessity of a designer who created the universe—namely, God. In this paper,I will outline a debate over the validity of the existence of God using Paley’s argument from design.
Paley begins formulating his argument by considering a person who comes across a stone on theground versus a watch. While a stone does not present any detail or complexity, a watch manifests numerous intricate features that accompany its complex design. It is from this watch’s features suchas its elastic springs, flexible chain, and set of wheels that indicate its existence—an existence suggesting the work of a designer. Not only does the watch’s elaborate design disclose that it wasmade by a designer, but it also was created for a purpose—to tell time. Paley further emphasizes this fact by referring to it as “inevitable” and concluding that even if someone had never seen a watchbeing made, it would not weaken the fact that it has a maker.
It is the intricate characteristics of a watch that has guided Paley in forming his argument from design. Just as a watch exhibits suchdetailed parts, the universe contains various design-indicating features that constitute a highly complex arrangement—the laws of nature being one example. Paley adds on to this premise by issuing thatthe most plausible explanation of these design-indicating features is that the universe was designed to have them. Thus, the universe was created by a designer. Correspondingly, the creation that thedesigner generated is exceptionally elaborate and complex which enables solely a being with three Omni properties to create such a thing—that being would be God. These assertions are the basis of...
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