Parts of speech

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The Parts of Speech
Traditional grammar classifies words based on eight parts of speech: the verb, the noun, thepronoun, the adjective, the adverb, the preposition, the conjunction,and the interjection.
Each part of speech explains not what the word is, but how the word is used. In fact, the same word can be a noun in one sentence and a verb or adjective in thenext.

What is a Noun?
A noun is a word used to name a person, animal, place, thing, and abstract idea. Nouns are usually the first words which small children learn. 

What is aVerb?
The verb is perhaps the most important part of the sentence. A verb or compound verb asserts something about the subject of the sentence and express actions, events, or states ofbeing. The verb or compound verb is the critical element of the predicate of a sentence.

What is an Adverb?
An adverb can modify a verb, an adjective, another adverb, a phrase, ora clause. An adverb indicates manner, time, place, cause, or degree and answers questions such as "how," "when," "where," "how much".
While some adverbs can be identified by theircharacteristic "ly" suffix, most of them must be identified by untangling the grammatical relationships within the sentence or clause as a whole. Unlike an adjective, an adverb can befound in various places within the sentence.

What Is An Adjective?
An adjective modifies a noun or a pronoun by describing, identifying, or quantifying words. An adjective usuallyprecedes the noun or the pronoun which it modifies.

What is a Preposition?
A preposition links nouns, pronouns and phrases to other words in asentence. The word or phrase that thepreposition introduces is called the object of the preposition.
A preposition usually indicates the temporal, spatial or logical relationship of its object to the rest of the sentence.
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