Past and future

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We use past to talk about things that were done in the past, and for doing so, there are three different ways that are:
* Adding “d or ed” at the end of the verb.(Simple past)
* Usingthe verb “to be” in past plus the “ing” at the end of the verb.(Past progressive)
* Changing completely the verb.
For example:
1. I worked very late at night last week.
2. He was fishingon Sunday.
3. Paul bought a wallet last night.

We use the auxiliary will to talk about things that might happen in the future.
The correct form for making a sentence in English infuture is:
Subject + will + verb + adverb of time.
For example:
1. I will travel to Brasil next year.
2. Ann will look for a job next week.

* The simple past is formed for regular verbs byadding -d or – ed to the root of a word. Examples: He walked to the store, or They danced all night. A negation is produced by adding did not and putting the verb in its infinitive form. Example: Hedid not walk to the store. Question sentences are started with did as in Did he walk to the store? The simple past is used for describing acts that have already been concluded, regardless of whetherthey took place habitually or are viewed as a single occurrence seen as a unit (but not if they are viewed as having occurred continuously). It is commonly used in storytelling.
* The pastprogressive is formed by using a simple past form of to be (was or were) and the main verb’s present participle: He was going to church. This form indicates that an action was continuously ongoing. Byinserting not before the main verb a negation is achieved. Example: He was not going to church. A question is formed by fronting the simple past form of to be as in Was he going?.
* The emphatic past isformed by using the auxiliary verb "to do" and the uninflected main verb, (I did walk, He did walk). This emphasizes the idea communicated and can be used to remove doubt or preempt objection on the...
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