Patterns of interaction

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As I have worked on my English groups, I have encountered different patterns, finding a couple of them particularly challenging; these are the large amount of students in a class and the other isthat most of a group having a lack of receptive skills to face the level they are in.
Even when in the Level VII class students are experiencing a hard situation understanding instructions and conceptsfor the different tenses and subjects to be used in a number of situations.
As this class is fairly large and is not very easy to make the time to make everyone produce the time I have tried a formto apply more challenge on the class, at the same time that they keep a focus in the class, knowing that everybody is to participate in class at any moment.
I noticed how students were havingparticular issues when using the third person and that they would try to use at all times examples with the first person of singular, pronunciation, verb tenses, formulation of sentences, etc.
I decided touse a method as follow:
1. Give an induction on the days’ topic with an emphasis on the corresponding grammar sentences (T-SS).
2. Give more examples of the grammar structure repeating and using theCuisenaire Rods method to explain the elements of language(T-S, S-T)
3. Give a second explanation to reinforce theory. (T-SS)
4. Ask students to work in pairs writing on the notebooks a number ofexamples of the desired structure (S-S).
5. Students giving examples in their seats in order to give them confidence on their answers and the group will repeat one by one the elements oflanguage(S-SS).
6. A second round of students would write examples on the board and they would be helped to have their examples polished (S-T-SS).
7. Students will then come to the front in pairs as they workedtogether, give the examples in the grammar person of their choice and then change it to express ideas as of his/her partner in third person and the partner would use the very same example using the...
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