Peer pressure and teen sex

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Peer pressure and teen sex affects today’s teen society. It affects in many ways such as sexually transsmited disseases, early pregnancy and adicction to drugs andalcohol.

A humans adolecents years are subject to a number of sexual pressures. The media is one of factors responsible for the increase in teen sexuality, peers are among the most influential. Peer isa term that can be defined as friends. Teenagers are often pressure by friends to have sex and use drugs and alcohol. Other pressure come from parents and just adults in general. Most teens look upto their parents and adults and admire them likewise, they want to try to be like them, and its why an adult can have a profound impact on a teen. Adults in all clasess of societys should watch whatthey do or say in relation to teens. The media can also cause a lot of pressure on teens through television and music, Television programs are full of vulgarnes and sex and most of the music teenslisten to have lyrics conserning to sex and obscenities.

The pressure a teen feels of having sex can be really dangerous for them. There are many consequences of being sexually active one of the majorsexually transmited deseases. Sexually transmited deseases can cause sterility and even death, the most dangerous are Herpes, HPV and HIV wich latter turns into the virus of AIDS.

Sexually activeteens can also have the risk of becoming parents wich is very dificult to be at that age, it can jeperdize their school and their future. Some teens are kicked out of their houses by their parents andare left alone in the streets with an unborne child to take care of . Teens should be instructed of the use of a condom at a earlier age and the should be warned that even with the use of a condom theyare still in risk of becoming parents.

Teenagers can also pick up alcohol and drugs habits caused by peer pressure at parties, reunnions or even at school, they see others doing it so they feel...
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