Teen sex

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  • Publicado : 2 de diciembre de 2010
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Exposition: Teen Sex
Teen Sex in Puerto Rico is alarming. Ninety percent (90%) of our teenagers have already experienced sex. Each year more girls get pregnant. What has been the consequences?More and more teens have been infected with various sexual transmitted deceases such as: syphilis, gonorrhea, AIDS, herpes, hepatitis, Chlamydia, papillome, ulcers and others.

Otherconsequences have been depression because of the peer pressure of doing things right or just providing support for their child, if possible pregnancy, or the taught of having any kind of STDs.Economical:
Also having sex at a young age may cause poor school focus that it may make the teens drop out of school and then have very poor job opportunities in which they will depend on the Governorfor economical support.

Emotional Consequences:
Having sexual intercourse without protecting oneself and one’s partner from pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can have seriousphysical and emotional consequences. Fear (anxiety, guilt) about pregnancy or disease is common. Anger (if the sex was forced or if the relationship ends) is likely. Sadness (about losing virginity or areputation perhaps) may be felt. Some adolescents who have had sexual intercourse feel regret and decide to postpone having further intercourse until a later point in their lives. Also, if a parent orsomeone else unexpectedly learns that the teen has had sex, the parent’s reaction (such as disapproval, shaming, blaming) may have negative emotional consequences for the teen. For most people,intimate relationships come with many emotional consequences, positive and negative. Teens, as well as adults, have to understand their own values, needs, and priorities – and choose wisely for themselves.A sizeable percentage of teenagers had passed thru negative consequences such as feeling used, getting pregnant, contracting a sexually transmitted infection, or feeling bad about themselves. Girls...
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