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product manual

H-1200 & H-1250

Universal and Portable Penetrometers

Universal Penetrometer— H-1200
Direct-reading instrument for precision penetration measurements of bituminous materials, cement, petrolatum and waxes, as well as food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. Unit has 5" diameter indicator dial, graduated in 400 divisions of 0.1mm, corresponding to40mm penetration. Zero preset to eliminate errors. Includes 47.5g plunger with 3.2mm hole, and two loading weights (50g and 100g). Overall dim. 10-1/2" x 13" x 22" (266.7 x 330.2 x 558.8mm). Meets ASTM D5, D217, D1168, D1191, D1321, D1403, D1831, D1855; AASHTO T49, T187 and others.

Special Application Penetrometers
Description Grease Penetrometer: Model H-1200 penetrometer with H-2520 greasecone Battery Paste Penetrometer: Model H-1200 penetrometer with H-1255 battery paste cone Model H-2510 H-1202 Shpg. wt. 30lbs. (13.6kg) 30lbs. (13.6kg)

Special Application Penetrometers are available in electric versions, like the model H-1240. Call 1-800-544-7220 for information.

Portable Penetrometer— H-1250
Lighter and smaller than H-1200 for field work, unit’s micrometer adjusts foraccurate settings as well as coarse adjustment for approximate settings. Only one additional 50g loading weight is included. Overall dim. 7" x 7" x 16" (178 x 178 x 406mm). Shipping wt. 8 lbs. (3.6kg)

Special Application Penetrometer
Description Portable Grease Penetrometer: Model H-1250 penetrometer with H-2520 grease cone Model H-1252 Shpg. wt. 8lbs. (3.6kg)

Level the instrumentcarefully by means of the leveling screws on the base, sighting the spirit level from above to obtain accurate alignment. After the instrument has been leveled, avoid shifting its location. Otherwise it will be necessary to repeat the leveling process. Insert penetrating needle or cone into the chuck and tighten the chuck screw. Set the zero reference. Grasp the gear rack knob and pull up torelease the clutch trigger. With the trigger released, raise the test plunger as high as possible. If the dial reading is not exactly zero, adjust the reading to zero by means of the zero setting screw (which is on the bottom of the dial housing) which is adjustable as required. Use a #8 Allen Wrench.

Add the required weights to plunger head. In adding weights and in order to make upthe required load for the test, note that the weight of the test plunger itself is 47.5 grams. For example, when the specified load for grease penetrations involving the use of a grease cone is 150 grams, no weights need be added to the plunger head since the combined weight of the cone (102.5 grams) and test plunger (47.5 grams) makes up required load as specified by ASTM. Place a prepared sample inposition on base. Adjust the height of the mechanism head via the control sleeve on the main post so as to bring the point of the penetrating instrument exactly into contact with the surface of the sample. To adjust the height of the mechanism head, release the lock screw. This adjustment may be accomplished more easily by placing a weak light to one side of the sample container and observing theshadow formed by the penetrating instrument on the surface of sample, until light disappears from the point. BE SURE TO RELOCK THE HEAD SECURELY BY MEANS OF THE LOCK SCREW AFTER THE HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT IS COMPLETED.

Release the test plunger, allowing the penetrating instrument to descend into the sample. To release the test plunger, depress and hold the clutch trigger in its released positionduring the specified time required for the test. Use a stopwatch to verify release duration. CAUTION: In operating the clutch trigger, grasp the finger grip firmly with the forefinger, and with the thumb depress the clutch trigger quickly as far in as it will go. HOLD THE CLUTCH TRIGGER IN DURING THE SPECIFIED LENGTH OF THE TEST. At the specified duration, let go of the clutch trigger quickly,...
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