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Lifestyle Diseases

A lifestyle disease is a disease that comes as a result of inappropriate living, for example having unhealthy eating habits, having a lot of stress in your life or by simply notexercising regularly; this habits can lead to serious disease like, Diabetes II, High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, Cancer, Obesity and Osteoporosis, this diseases take years to develop but onceencountered they are not easily cured. These diseases can be prevented by making small changes in your way of living like moving your body, eating more fresh foods, adopting a positive attitude or bysimply sleeping eight hours at night.

Blood pressure is considered the force in which your blood moves through your arteries, when this force is at a higher pressure than normal it is considered HighBlood Pressure. High blood pressure can be caused by many factors like age, race, being overweight or obese, not being physically active, using tobacco, having too much salt in your diet, having tolittle potassium and vitamin D in your diet, drinking too much alcohol and having stress. Most people cannot sense if their blood pressure is high because they are usually no symptoms, although a fewpeople with early-stage high blood pressure may have dull headaches, dizzy spells or a few more nosebleeds than normal, these signs and symptoms typically don't occur until high blood pressure hasreached a severe stage. High blood pressure is more common in men that are in their early middle age, women are likely to develop high blood pressure after menopause.

The excessive pressure on yourartery walls caused by high blood pressure can damage your blood vessels, as well as organs in your body. Uncontrolled high blood pressure can lead to: Heart attack or stroke, Aneurysm which is a bloodfilled dilation of a blood vessel, Heart failure, Weakened and narrowed blood vessels in your kidneys, Thickened, narrowed or torn blood vessels in the eye and trouble with memory or understanding....
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