Personal defense

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Personal defense

The personal defense is a discipline that contains a group of main used to stop an offensive action carried out in personam.
The techniques of personal defense were in takenprinciple of the traditional and sophisticated martial arts and purified in order to making maximum their effectiveness and of adapting them to the conflict hypotheses under the current conditions oflife.
In personal defense they are used technical simple, they try to be avoided the complex movements.
Mainly blockades, retentions and way levers are used of reducing the opponent the quickestthing possible and shortening the times of combat to avoid risks and to leave physical differences in the background.
The defense with naked palm, it can be supplemented with own or inappropriateweapons, be already knives or firearms or any element to which we can consent in the
moment of the conflict.

Civil environment

In the civil environment he/she tries to decrease to the opponent in asure way and without causing given limitless damages the civil liability of the defensive action when the limits of the self-defense are exceeded. The personal defense is based on the foundations ofsome sports or martial arts as the judo, the aikido or the kárate. The main characteristic of the personal defense is the escape of the force, since, the opposers can generally, be individuals ofwider dimensions or with more muscular forces to ours. It is in and of itself that technical basic as the unique blows (those that are carried out against the opposer with an area specify of our body)as the use of the palm of the hand, the knuckles and the fingers in soft areas or blows, also passing for technical but professionals as different types of kicks, and already, even but advanced asimbalances or immobilizations (which are usually used in police personal defense or in sport modalities as the kárate) they are the applications in those that he/she understands the personal defense....
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