Petroleum essay

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  • Publicado : 21 de noviembre de 2010
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Can we stop using petroleum? What other options do we have?
(What is petroleum used for? How dependent are we on these products and energy sources? Are there any alternatives? Discuss advantagesand disadvantages.)
Petroleum is made up of oil and natural gas, it is a compound of carbon and hydrogen that can be found in manydifferent ways. The word petroleum means literally “rock oil” which talks about its solid state called asphalt; but it can also be found in liquid state. Petroleum is a mixture of different chemicals thatis formed by decomposed remains of living things. The composers or chemicals that compose the petroleum can be separated in petrochemical plants and then they can be made into many different things(skateboard wheels, helmets and pads, polycarbonate case for laptops are all produced from oil). Bitumen is the name that receives the thickest form of petroleum, it is used mainly for paving roads butits also used in waterproof roofs. To get oil sands it is mixed with sand or clay and water and it is used to extract the oil but it is also refined to do plastic. Crude oil is the form ofpetroleum, which it is more liquid than bitumen, it is black or brown mostly but it can be found yellow or green. Almost every oil deposit contains natural gas. Natural gas is the lightest hydrocarbonmolecules that are volatile and evaporate easily. Some deposits have so much of this molecules that are completely natural gas. Natural gas is a very clean burning resource which is used to cool and heat inhouses, to generate electricity, and also in products like carpets, medicines, medical equipment, plastics and fertilizers.
The dependence that America has on petroleum is great. We use the careveryday and we don’t think or realize how much petroleum is used in the gas we put. There are millions of products made of petroleum like: ink, paint brushed, telephones, toys, unbreakable dishes,...
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