Phrasal verbs related to computer

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Phrasal verbs:

Collocation Example

act up arse around back up back up back up data data project

be down blow up blow up blow up boot up bounce back branch out break in breakin chat away check back close down come through crank up dash off divide into fail over fight off filter out fire up fold up get on with google out censorship adult material browser clothes speedemail page updates programme system network picture photo image

This computer's acting up again. I spend my days sitting in school wishing I wasn't there, and then coming home and arsing around on thecomputer. For more information about how to back up your data, see Help and Support Center. Back up your files, so that you can restore them if a virus damages them. If you are working on a majorproject, it might be a good idea to back up your project occasionally to another folder or under a different name, in case one version of the project becomes corrupt. The system was down for about 14hours, as Georgetown's technical staff members worked overnight on the problem. Do not get a camera with just a digital zoom (where the lens doesn't zoom but the camera uses built-in software to blow upthe picture). Click here to blow up the photo! If you want to blow up the image, you can always do it later with your photo editing software. If you erase everything on your hard drive, you'll probablyhave to boot up from a special floppy disk. It's amazing how often e-mail bounces back to the sender because they typed the wrong e-mail address. Over the past year, Google has branched out from itssearch engine into other types of Web applications. All computer systems have what are known as exploits, ways of breaking into a system without the owner's permission. Student arrested for breakinginto school computer network. I've seen grandmothers go from zero computer experience to chatting away happily in just a few minutes. Bookmark this page and check back for updates. When you have...
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