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Picture Manager v2.0

You have a limited number of uses of this program before it stops functioning. In order to continue using, you must send $10 to the address below or use PayPal. You can also pay with a credit card by using PayPal. This will also get you free upgrades. You will be emailed an unlimited version of the software upon receipt of payment. Planned features are listed at theend of this document.

Rick Mayatt
FlexLogic Software
15501 W. CR750 S.
Daleville, IN 47334

email pcsense@earthlink.net

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General User Information

This program is great for working with picture files on CD, digital cameras, hard drives and other devices. In general, the user works with 2directories, the source directory (Source) and the target directory (Target). The source directory is always shown in the Directory Tree at the left hand top of the main window as well as in the box below the Directory Tree. The File List box shows files in the Target or Source directory depending on the option button checked in "File list box source". This makes it easy to swap back and forth betweenSource and Target directories. The type of files that are shown is determined by the Options settings. Clicking the “Option...” button on the main window accesses the options. The “Show Files of Type” option box on the options window determines what types of files are listed in the file list box. When entering a custom file extension, use the old DOS format (i.e. *.txt or *.d?g)All settings onthe option window are saved and then recalled when the application starts. The Target directory is set by going to the desired directory using the Directory Tree box then clicking "Set Target Directory". The selected directory will show up in the Target text box so you will always know where the target directory is. One of the main features is browsing CD's, digital media cards or a digitalcamera and clicking on each file while looking at the picture. If this file is one you want, simply click on the "Place File(s) On Target" button or depress the Right Arrow hot key. The file will be copied or moved to the Target directory. This is nice when you need to go through many picture files and pick the ones you want to be developed, made into a move or slide show, or just burned onto aseparate CD. This makes it very easy to put them into a single location without a lot of work. You can make multiple selections using Shift and Ctrl just as you can in most Windows applications. All items selected in the File List box will be placed in the Target Directory when "Place File(s) On Target" is clicked or the right arrow hot key is pressed. Files will be either copied or moved fromthe Source to the Target according to which option is active in "File Transfer Action". Source files that are "Read Only" will be copied even if the move option is selected.
During the above process there is the possibility that a file might already exist in the Target directory with the same name as a file being moved or copied. The software handles this automatically according to the optionchecked on the Setup window in "Duplicate File Action". The "Auto Rename Unique Prefix" option will put a number with a dash (i.e. 1-) in front of the
filename until a unique prefix is found, then the file will be copied or moved from the Source to the Target. The "Auto Rename Unique Suffix" option will do exactly the same except the number is place at the end of the filename before theextension (i.e. K004-1.jpg). The "Prompt For New Name" option will cause a dialog box with the filename in an editable text field to be displayed. You must edit this filename and click on the Continue button. If the filename is unique to the Target directory it will be copied or moved but if the filename is still present, the entry window will stay active and you will be required to enter another...
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