Pintura 3 de mayo

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El 3 de mayo en Madrid (Francisco de Goya)

Goya, Spanish painter born in 1746, died in Bordeaux on April 16, 1828 at 82 years of paralysis in the right hand sideended in an accident apoplectic.

Without doubt the most important and emblematic picture of Goya, related to the Spanish Independence War.

was make this paintingby Goya that the February 24, 1814, the Council of Regency, asked him to do a painting on the most outstanding events of the uprising in Madrid against the French.

Thepainting is dark, mainly used ocher, yellow, burnt sienna, white, black, red and green brushstrokes cinnabar, expressing strong images clearly shows (in the face) painand suffering that was living in that time. is made with oil on canvas was painted in 1814.

Topic: the topic is Patriotic, the group of men on the left representspoverty and disorganization. well-organized French military, are not seen his face that Goya wanted to say that the French soldiers were not people, and it was only amachine trained for war, with the sole purpose of killing people.

The painting is a clear example of plea against war and the horrors they cause, is a picture of universalvalidity that the soldiers did not wear the uniform of the French soldiers.

The man with white shirt stands out in the table represents the desire for freedom, andalso the courage of the people.

The picture has a sense of dynamism, environment, and movement, due to its undulating lines, and the large number of diagonals it has.This painting will become a turning point for the future Impressionists, as in Goya painting does not seek a formal beauty but a terrible way to express feelings.
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