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  • Publicado : 18 de agosto de 2012
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I. Background.
With the passing of the years, the news media, influenced by transnational software, adopted the name "hacker" to describe anyone involved in acts that offend againstintellectual property, network security, authors of viruses, intruders of servers, email interceptors, cyber vandals, etc.
Although the word pirate is evocatively romantic, this name is attributed to peoplewho use third party software through copies produced illegally, without permission or license from the author. When non-genuine software is called "bootleg", but in real terms and should be called acrude stolen software.
The word pirate associated with the illegal use of software, was first appointed in 1976 by William Gates, in his "Open letter to hobbyists" in which it expressed its protestbecause many computer users were using a software developed by him, without his authorization.
Worldwide use of illegal software is subject to sanctions and penalties that are exacerbated when thepirate becomes a marketer of illegally copied software for profit gain. In Peru, the penalty for this offense ranges from 1 to 4 years' imprisonment, suspended for end users and a maximum of 8 years ofprison for marketers.
Hacker is an idiomatic expression which literally translates English into Spanish has several meanings, the most popular one attributed to "a person hired for a routine" and thatthe nature of the work is tedious, delivered, to say semaniático.
The hacker nickname is created at the end of the last century when the United States begins to receive a massive migration of peoplefrom all over the world hoping to find in the "land of opportunity" economic well-being and progress.
II. Justification.
We chose this topic because it is a topic currently issues and they we allcontribute to piracy either directly or indirectly. For example:
Directly: When buying pirated CDs or DVDs from the internet
Indirectly: When we see people buying variety of piracy or simply...
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