Internet piracy will destroy the movie industry

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  • Publicado : 14 de noviembre de 2011
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Trabajo, ensayo para la asignatura de inglés. Opinión sobre la piratería en internet y las nuevas industrias.

Internet piracy will destroy the movie industry -
Will the Internet kill the movie industry? "Governments will end the piracy on the Internet? "Users no longer demand the quality and see anything in any small screen? These are the questions in today's debate on the movie industry,and I'll try to offer my views on this.
The Internet will not destroy the movie business; the Internet have to change (and actually it is changed already) the concept of watching films. This is a reality, and that we must face it and join it, not escape. We do not have to find solutions for stopping the Internet piracy, we have to adapt our point of view to the new market. Because of this, isimportant to assert the speech that the director of the Film Academy in Spain made in the last gala of the Goya Awards. He is Alex de la Iglesia, cinema director and president of the Spanish Film Academy. (February 13th, 2011, at the Gala of the Goya [Spanish film awards])
“"A film is not film until someone sits down and looks ahead. The essence of film is defined by two concepts: a screen, and peopleenjoy it. Without an audience, this makes no sense. We can not forget that EVER. Internet is the future, the Internet is today. Internet is part of our lives and the new window opens the mind to the world. The Internet is not like being called that. They are citizens, they are just people, are our public. Public that we have lost is not going to the movies because it is in front of a computerscreen. I mean clearly we're not afraid to Internet, because the Internet is, indeed, the salvation of our film "

The Internet and the cinema can be a great partner if we know how to use the right tools. It should start from this base: the movies on the Internet are a reality, is the present, it is not something to be "attacking" or to "avoid" there. Therefore, to invest our efforts in trying tostop it is like trying to put dikes to sea, as that is blind to reality.
In some ways the Internet industry has been able to overcome many video store chains, has been able to destroy a way of understanding cinema ... it is now more accessible, and find a logical consequence: every time that people watch more movies, more people like to talk about movies, ever more people love movies. And this isa reality: people who love movies love the movie theatres. As a consequence, the demand within the film industry increases. The accessibility provide to us by internet helps the film industry due to nowadays the people know more about films, watch more films and watch more films, more films than in the past years.
The answer lies in the bankruptcy of Blockbuster, “they have not managed to evolvethe business to the demands of its users. Again is about supply and demand. The most valid is that of Netflix, who listened to the needs of customers, allowing flat rate and availability to see the movies as long as you want.” (Wikipedia, 2006) The video stores did not do that, and almost always had to contend with the limited stock of the store and the availability of movies. Also had to add thetime available for viewing, and fines involving delays. What happened? Those discharges eliminated all these difficulties, and the client saw its housing need without leaving home. As it continued to believe that the only option was the competition rather than collaboration, the video stores were gradually closed or changed their business model, where they are now.
We have to understand theconcept and format of watching movies changes. Maybe before, few years ago, one person that loves cinema went to the theatres twice a week, so he used to watch 2 movies in the cinemas per week. If to these two movies we add the three or four movies you could watch on TV that SOMEONE chose for him, it’s five movies in a week. Well, nowadays this cinema lover could go once a week at the movies theatre...
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