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Multiyear Training and Exercise Plan

City of Canóvanas

September 15, 2010 – September 30, 2013
Government of Puerto Rico

City of Canóvanas
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (USDHS) Preparedness Directorate’s requires that every State and Urban Area conduct a Multiyear Training and Exercise Plan Workshop (TEPW) annually. The Puerto Rico State Emergency ManagementAgency as USDHS FY2010 compliance administrator is responsible to make sure all cities of Puerto Rico comply with these requirements in order of receiving USDHS funds and grants. As a result, Canóvanas recently conducted its 2010-2013 Multiyear TEPW and has since produced this Multiyear Training and Exercise Plan (TEP).
The Canóvanas Multiyear TEP is the roadmap for the City of Canóvanas toaccomplish the priorities described in the Puerto Rico State Homeland Security Strategy. The City of Canóvanas has pursued a coordinated homeland security strategy that combines enhanced planning, new equipment purchases, innovative training, and realistic exercises to strengthen Puerto Rico’s emergency prevention and response capabilities. Training and exercises play a crucial role in this strategy,providing Puerto Rico with a means of attaining, practicing, validating, and improving new capabilities.
The State’s training and exercise programs are administered by the Puerto Rico State Emergency Management Agency, in coordination with the SAA Office Puerto Rico Homeland Security. The training and exercise agenda described in this plan is binding for all State-level response agencies, as wellas any municipal response agencies receiving State homeland security funds. The plan helps prepare Puerto Rico to optimally address both the natural and technical hazards that it faces.

Points of Contact (POCs)
City of Canóvanas
State Administrative Agent:
Name: Heriberto Sauri
Office: PRSEMA
Title: Director
Address: Eleonor Roosevelt, Hato Rey (AEMAD Offices)
Phone:(787) 724-0124
Canóvanas Exercise Point of Contact (POC):
Name: Hommy Vazquez Apellániz
Office: Canóvanas Emergency Management Office
Title: Director
Address: Canóvanas, P.R.
Phone: (787) 635-7085
Canóvanas Training POC:
Name: Hommy Vazquez Apellániz
Office: Canóvanas Emergency Management Office
Title: Director
Address: Canóvanas, P.R.
Phone: (787) 635-7085Table of Contents
City of Canóvanas
Preface ii
Points of Contact (POCs) iii
Purpose 1
Program Priorities 2
I Strengthen information and intelligence sharing 3
II. Implement the National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP) 4
III. Strengthen a Region interoperable communications system 5
IV. Implement the National Incident Management System (NIMS) 6V. Strengthen medical surge and mass prophylaxis capabilities (Health) 7
VI. Strengthen CBRNE decontamination, detection, and response 9
VII. Strengthen awareness and preparedness of the citizens ….…………………..…………..10
VIII. Expand Region Collaboration………………………………………………………..
Methodology and Improvement Tracking 5
Multiyear Training and Exercise Schedule 6

City ofCanóvanas
The purpose of the Multiyear Training and Exercise Plan (TEP) is to provide a follow-on companion document to the Puerto Rico Homeland Security Strategy. It is a living document that will be updated and refined annually. The Multiyear TEP provides a roadmap for Canóvanas to follow in accomplishing the priorities described in the Homeland Security Strategy. Each priority is linked to acorresponding National Priority, and, if applicable, an Improvement Plan (IP) action. The priority is further linked to the associated target capabilities that would facilitate accomplishment of the priority and the training and exercises that will help the jurisdiction obtain those capabilities and achieve that priority.
Included in the Multiyear TEP is the training and exercise schedule, which...
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