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The Use of Handguns

Did you know that one out of every two homes in America has a gun? Americans tend to feel that they need weapons to protect their families. Families should have guns because inthis way they can protect themselves of the kidnapper or gangs, and another people that can hurt them.
Every handgun owner should understand and follow handgun safety practices, handguns are themost popular firearms for home defense. Steve Rovner is a local attorney and community activist who lives in Holland with his three children and wife. A pistol is handy indoors and can be convenientlyconcealed almost anywhere in the home, ready for use. It is the easiest of all guns to retain in a hand to hand struggle. It can be fired from either hand in an emergency situation. The gun can be safedepends how you use it.
The National Self-Defense Survey indicated that there were 2.5 million incidents of defensive gun use per year in the U.S. during the 1988-1993 period. This is probably aconservative estimate, for two reasons. First, cases of respondents intentionally withholding reports of genuine defensive-gun uses were probably more common than cases of respondents reporting incidentsthat did not occur or that were not genuinely defensive. Second, the survey covered only adults age 18 and older, thereby excluding all defensive gun uses involving adolescents, the age group mostlikely to suffer a violent victimization.
Any person who acquires a handgun must have a handgun safety certificate (HSC), you need this permission to port a gun in any place where you go or insideyour home. To get this license you must be take the department of justice (DOJ), you need to passed the written test and receive a passing score of at least 75%. The most of the people concluded thatdefensive uses of guns are about three to four times as common as criminal uses of guns. This survey's person-based estimate was that 1.44% of the adult population had used a gun for protection...
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