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  • Publicado : 18 de marzo de 2011
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Through trials and tribulations in our life thus far, we have learned that some people have a common misconception of boys who participate in the arts. Many guys havebeen called “gay” or “feminine” just because they share a passion for dancing. Why is dance looked upon as being a “feminine” profession? Why is it so wrong for a guy to participate in this line ofwork? Why does contemporary society view male dancers as being “feminine”?
And the same thing goes for women and girls everywhere or at least in most places. We’ve seen and heard many a woman get a lookof contempt just because she doesn’t have her hair tied up right, or Because she doesn’t concern herself enough with make-up or her daily appearance.
Why is a guy that has had a million girls calleda hero, while a girl who has had a million guys called a slut?
Why is a 40 year-old bachelor envied, and a 40 year-old “old maid” pitied?
Our society is extremely prone to stereotyping, and this webelieve, is wrong.
Why should we sit back and let society tell us what we’re supposed to be, especially when the reasons they give us aren’t good enough?
Sure, we know we have come a long way sincethose dark dreary days when women had to stay home and pluck chickens for dinner, since Donna Reed wore her apron and high heels and produced an endless string of perfect casseroles from her kitchen,and since men who wore a pink shirt were immediately discriminated. Our society is more open minded than it used to be, but is it open-minded enough?
We believe that prejudice is just ignorance.And we plan to expose and defend this position in our debate.
We will plant endless factors from different periods of time, along with many points of views from experts, and the view of both ancientand contemporary societies belonging to varied cultures and entities.
We want to find out, through this debate, the exact point of view of those close to us, around us, as well as that of people...
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