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Traductores en Linea ¿?? sitio diccionario|es| traductor semantico con variedad de idiomas
Easter Island is over 2,000 miles from the nearest populationcentre, (Tahiti and Chile), making it one of the most isolated places on Earth. A triangle of volcanic rock in the South Pacific - it is best known for the giant stone monoliths, known as Moai, that dot the coastline. The early settlers called the island "Te Pito O Te Henua" (Navel of The World). Admiral Roggeveen, who came upon the island on Easter Day in 1722, named it Easter Island. Today, theland, people and language are all referred to locally as Rapa Nui.
Easter Island today, remains one of the most unique places you will ever encounter; an open air museum showcasing a fascinating, but unfortunately lost, culture. The Rapanui are among the friendliest people you will ever meet, and the landscape is truly amazing - with its volcanic craters, lava formations, beaches, brilliant bluewater, and archaeological sites.
It is officially considered part of Chile's fifth region (central region)

At least 14 dead in Chile bus accident

Santiago – At least 14 people died and about 20 were injured Thursday when a tourist microbus flipped over on the outskirts of the city of Chillan, in central Chile,officials said.
The official announcement of the accident was delivered by the governor of Ñuble province, Eduardo Duran, who said that two little boys were among the dead and six of the injured were in "very serious" condition.
He said that the majority of the people injured in the crash, which occurred at 2:30 p.m., were taken to the Chillan Hospital and the rest to the hospital in theneighboring town of Bulnes.
Bulnes fire department commander Juan Valenzuela told Radio Bio Bio that apparently the bus driver took a curve at excessive speed causing the two-decker vehicle to flip over the side of the elevated roadway onto the ground below.
According to information released by the firm that owned the microbus, it departed from the city of Concepcion for Santiago at 1 p.m.
One of thesurviving passengers, Guillermo Urrutia, confirmed in remarks broadcast by Radio Cooperativa that the crash occurred when the Pullman Bus vehicle went around a curve too fast.
"We were going along in the bus watching television and suddenly a person beside me started screaming because they noticed that we were taking a curve very quickly," he said.
"The vehicle began to tip to the right untilfinally we ... flipped over," Urrutia said, adding that everyone who was killed and injured was riding on the bus's second level.

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Al menos 14 muertos en accidente de autobús en Chile

Santiago - Al menos 14 personas murieron y unas 20 resultaron heridas el jueves cuando un microbús de turismo se volcó en las afueras de la ciudad de Chillán, en Chile central, dijeron las autoridades.El anuncio oficial del accidente fue entregado por el gobernador de la provincia de Ñuble, Eduardo Durán, quien dijo que dos niños se encontraban entre los muertos y seis de los heridos se encuentran en "muy grave".
Dijo que la mayoría de los heridos en el accidente, que ocurrió a las 2:30 de la tarde, fueron llevados al Hospital de Chillán y el resto al hospital de la vecina ciudad de Bulnes.Bulnes del departamento de bomberos comandante Juan Valenzuela dijo a Radio Bío Bío que, al parecer el conductor del autobús tomó una curva a velocidad excesiva haciendo que el vehículo de dos pisos para voltear a un lado de la carretera elevada sobre el suelo.
De acuerdo con información difundida por la empresa propietaria de la microbús, que partió de la ciudad de Concepción a Santiago a la 1...