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  • Publicado : 5 de febrero de 2012
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A prejudice, is an attitude that consist, in criticize in a negative or a positive way, without having previous experiences or elements, it can be seen in all the aspectsand activities of society and is related to discrimination behavior, also is often based on stereotypes and emerge in convenience to discriminate or to approve people without feeling guiltyabout it.

Contrary to what most people think, not all prejudice is bad.  It's a trait that is been developed for our survival. For example, you are prejudiced against wolves, tigers, snakesand other predatory animals, you have a preconceived opinion that they could well try to attack you.  Humans have an excellent ability to recognize patterns, even patterns of events andbehaviours.  So when we see an animal attack someone, we tend to assume they will do it again.  And when we see a human with certain characteristics attack someone, we assume anyone with thosecharacteristics might do it.  In ancient times it was essential for our survival to have this ability. This is very important because the hard part is deciding who does and who does not. The sociologists, have consider it, like a positive adaptive behavior, and is considered positive, because people use it as a protection mechanism, when seems to be involved in a dangeroussituation, in any moment of our lives we are expose to be in danger, in the instant least expected, in the school, in the mall, in the beach, but, this reaction is natural and is important torecognize it, like fear of heights and this knowledge will help us distinguish between situations where we should or should not apply our prejudices.  One of the current problems is that as soonas we think an attitude or opinion exists because of a prejudice, we automatically decide that it is wrong.  It may be, but it is possible it is correct or at least has some truth in it.
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