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  • Publicado : 22 de marzo de 2011
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Carlos Azpeitia
Period 6
March 21, 2011
Chapter 16 Assessment 1-18

1. Blitzkrieg - lightning war of form of warfare in which surprised attacks with fast moving airplanes are followed my massiveattacks with infantry forces.
2. Atlantic Charter- a declaration of principals on which the allied pace plan at the end of World War II was based.
3. Battle of Midway- Turned the tide of war in thepacific.
4. Holocaust- The systematic mass slaughter of Jews and other groups judged inferior by the Nazis.
5. Genocide- the systematic killing of an entire people.
6.D-Day- The invasion ofNormandy
7. Nuremberg Trials- A series of court proceeding in which leaders ere tried for aggressions, violation.
8.Demilitarization- The process of creating a government elected by the people.

9.What event finally unleashed World War II?
The German invasion of the Soviet Union and the Japanese attack of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

10.Why was capturing Egypt’s Suez Canal so important tothe Axis Powers?
Whoever got the Suez Canal would control all the oil needed for the war.

11. What was Yamamoto’s objective at Pearl Harbor?
This attack would allow the Japanese Navy tocontrol the Pacific to expand outward.

12. How did Japan try to win support from other Asian countries?
They created anti-western propaganda, they used slogans like “ Asia for the Asians”.

13.Name two tactics that Hitler used to rid Germany of Jews before creating his final solution.
He would use tactics such as making it incredibly difficult for the Jews to make a living and his secondtactic was to show them that they were serious about exterminating the Jews so that’s why Night of Broken Glass occurred.

14. What tactics did Hitler use in his Final Solution?
He would send theJews into concentration camps to soon be held in a gas chamber where 6,000 Jews would die at a time with a fatal gas.

15. Why were consumer goods rationed during the war?
Because when the war broke...
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