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  • Publicado : 15 de agosto de 2012
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Migration MEXICO/USA
Migration of Mexicans to USA, has always been a problem, since the earliest 70´s. This problem starts because there was a lack of work in Mexico. USA being predominantcountries around the world makes the Mexicans cross the border illegally in search for a better life. INEGI researches states that 92/100 men move to USA in search for work. The way of thinking of theMexicans is so poor, Mexico have so many problems in the economy and labor, so they risk their lives to pass the border. As Mexicans migrate to USA, they improve the economy of USA, working with a very lowcost of payment, this problem is reflected in Mexico, because now the people who work in the farms or out of the city, is not working there anymore, so the economy of Mexico is decreasing.
Lookingin the political way the problem is for the U S, this is because people in your own country, in this case U S, reflects in more social problems and also in more issues for the government such anexample is the Social Security, also if workers on US are searching for jobs they would not be able to request jobs if all the chiefs decide to go with Mexicans because of the cheaper it is to hire them.Mexico in other part with less people in its countries and also will be damaged because no people interested on working in national factories also, the jobs will be more available but the paying willbe less because of this.
To conclude, we discovered that the USA it’s having a lot of problems that involve economic and political issues. The different problems also affect Mexico’s economy becausethe flush of economic income it’s affecting our own economy. Also we are losing different parts of the middle low class also known as the working class. In conclusion, in order to stop the migration ofMexicans to other countries we should pay more attention to the labor class, try to give them more opportunities, and give them the same treat that upper and middle classes have. So try to help...
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