Present perfect

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Present perfect
Daniel The present perfect is used in to narrate events that have occurred in an unspecified time in the past, and may or may not be continuing into thepresent.
JonathanThe verb in present perfect or present perfect in English, is constructed with the auxiliary verb have or has, plus the participle of the verb.

Briefly:subject + have / has + verb (past participle)
Leidy note:
I, you, we, they with auxiliary verb have.
And third person
He, she, it with auxiliary verb has.
Remember thatthere are regular verbs.
These form the past by adding 'ed' or 'd' to the root of the verb.

Ask asked
Danieland the irregularverbs
These verbs form the past simple and past participle differently. Do not follow rules, have to memorize.

DrinkDrunkJonathan positive form of the present perfect
Pronoun + auxiliary verb have / has + verb (past participle) + complement

Daniel negative form of the present perfectPronoun + auxiliary verb have/has + not + verb (past participle) + complement
Leidy interrogative form of the present perfect
Auxiliary verb have/has + pronoun + verb (pastparticiple) + complement?

Daniel I have eaten an apple.
He has bought me a car.
Leidy He hasn´t given me a lift to the zoo.
They haven´t studied for the test.Jonathan How many times have you seen that film?
Which has been the best film you have ever seen?

Other examples
DanielHow many books have you read?
Jonathanshe has notread books.
Leidylies. I have read 8 books.

Leidy what has been your biggest dream?
Jonathan I have dreamed of being forensic
Daniel I have dreamed of being doctor
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