Presente simple

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Present Simple

We use this time to talk about ...
a) the present in general.
b) a habit or custom in mind, that is, something that occurs repeatedly at regularintervals.
c) a natural law or something that is always true.

Verb to be ( am / is / are )

*Positive *Negative

I am a policeman.I am not a policeman.
He is a singer. He is not a singer.
She is a pilots. She isnot a pilots.
It is a teacher. It is not my teacher.
We are mechanics. We are no mechanics
You are doctor.You are not a doctor.
They are secretary. They are not secretary.

*Question ( Yes / No ) *Whquestion

Am I left? What is this?
Is he here? Who sends the letters?
Is she asecretary? Why does he go to bed so late?
Is it second-hand? When do you wake up?
Are we wrong?Where does he live?
Are you Juan Morales?
Are they Mexican?

Regular and irregular verbs

Do-Does Don’t-Doesn’t

Some uses of this tense are:
To talk about daily routines
Totalk about things in general: actions or situations that happen repeatedly, or at any time or all the time. It is not important if the action is happening now.
For ''stative verbs'': verbs thatcannot commonly be used in progressive tenses in certain of their meanings....For now, we are only going to include verbs such as like, love, hate, think, believe etc

Questions positive...
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