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Presente Simple :
an action that happens again and again (rutine).
Ex: I go to work by a car.
I play tennis everyday.

a fact that is alwaystrue.
Ex: My Sister Has A Brown Hair.
Ronaldo Comes From Brazil*.

a fact that true for a long time.
Ex: He Works In A Bank.
IPrefer Coffee To Tea.

Subject+Verb With S (If He/She/It) +Complement.

Presente Continouos :

1) an activity that hapening now.
Ex: Dont TurnOff the TV. I’m watching it.
You Can’t Speak yo lisa. She’s having a bath.

2) an activity or situation that is true now but is not nesessarilyhappning at the moment . of speak
Ex: Dont take that book. Jane’s reading it.
I’m doing a french evening class this year.

3) atemporary activity.
Ex: I’m living with a friends until i find a place for my own.
He’s working as a waiter during the holidays.

4)aplanned future arragement.
Ex: I’m having lunch with glenda tomorrow.
We’re meeting at 1:00 outside the restaurant

Subject+Verb Tobe+Verb With ing +Complement

Present Perfect Simple :
1)For an action wich started in the past and continues up to the present
Ex: My father hasworked in the company since 1993

subject+have/has or haven't/hasn't+verb(participle) +Complement

Present Perfect Continuous :
1)To put emphasis on theduration of an action
Ex: My sister has been painting a picture during all day

subject+have/has+been+Verb (with ing)+Complement

*this is brasil
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