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  • Publicado : 24 de agosto de 2012
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Tumi’s 3D Flat Cursor Set
____________ By Pankaj Arora Software / Tumi

This absolutely brilliant cursor set created by Tumi-an author for Pankaj AroraSoftware-creates a stunning atmosphere in Windows - never seen before. While you do your everyday work - or play - you will have the sweetest animatedcursors guiding your way. Could life with Windows get any better? Yes - there could be fewer bugs in Windows…

We really hope you enjoy this free cursorset,

Pankaj Arora Software
1917 Stonewall Lane SW
Rochester, MN 55902-4274

To contact Tumi - please drop us a message at the address above and wewill relay your message to Tumi - or whoever else from Pankaj Arora Software you wish to contact.


Installation is a three-stepprocedure.

1) Run install.exe [ click unzip to extract to C:\Windows\Cursors ]
2) Run install.reg [ let information be added to Registry ]
3) Go to ControlPanel | Mouse and then the Pointers tab and select Tumi’s 3D Flat from the pull down menu.

No need to reboot for install - just do that and before youknow it - you’re running the Tumi’s 3D Flat cursor set… !

© 1998 Pankaj Arora Software / Tumi. All rights reserved. Pankaj Arora Software is atrademark of Pankaj Arora. Windows is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft is a registered trademark too. So there! Tumi's 3D Flat isdistributed as freeware and can be freely redistributed as long as all files-including this one-are distributed in their entireties and unmodified.
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