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  • Publicado : 25 de septiembre de 2010
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Endangered Species
Humans use to live in peace with nature and all the creatures that live in the world. Unfortunately this situation has changed over time and now we are responsible of thedesaparition of many species who live in our times. As time passes more creatures are being added into the endangered species list and some other are almost extinct, we can help them and we must do it.
Allaround the world are many organizations dedicated to save animals and plants from extinction, this organizations fight to acquire new lands, resources and rights for many species of our biodiversity.Wildlife society is an example of an organization commit to the conservation of what they called “global priority species” that are voulnerable to extinction, important to humans, and powerful iconsof nature”. Though expansive surveys, high technology items, and international aid; work to conserve over 350 species all around the world.
Human activities like farming, building and hunting aremajor causes for extinction. Recently fox news reports that the Wild Life Conservation Society has release “Rarest of the Rare”, a dozen animals more in danger of extinction. Humans are destroying theworld, The Pinta Island Turtle, The Yangtze River Dolphin, the Vancouver Island Marmot, the Seychelles Scheathtailed Bat are some of the hundredths of species that are in risk of disappear.
“As yearpasses more and more animals are being put on the endangered species list, just few hundred (and sometimes less) are away from being completely extinct” that is what experts of Wildlife AssociationSays. In other hand animals who entered the endangered species list are most likely to survive, but it is impossible to classify all animals as an endangered species.
“In our ever expanding society,increasing pollution, turn down forest, and changing terrain are causing serious problems to environment” (top 10 world rarest animals). Extinction is one of the most common problems that animals have...
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