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In this dark suit, Hugh Sawyer looks like a typical businessman. Every day, along with millions of other people, he travels to work in London, the capital of the UK. But Hugh's lifestyleis definitely not typical. Instead of commuting from a comfortable home in the suburbus, for the past year, he has been living a forest in the middle of the countryside. His lifestyle is so basic thathe doesn't even have a tent, and his home consists of whatever he can carry in his backpack. His only "luxuries" are a small radio, a sleeping bag, and a stove to boil water.
Hugh's lifestyle isvery hard. In the winter it gets very cold, so warm clothes are essential. Also, at night the forest is only a place for brave people! But it is Hugh's home and he has gotten used to the unexplainedsounds and strange shadows. The main requirements of living in the forest are ingenuity, and knowledge of basic survival techniques. So Hugh has quickly learned how to make the river water safe todrink, and how to cook in a hole in the ground.

Hugh hasn't always lived like this. Before he started camping in the forest, he lived in a convenient, modern apartment in London. He had acomputer, a TV, a refrigerator, and a hot water whenever he needed it. So why has he given it all up? One reason is that he has been raising money for an environmental charity. But that isn't the onlyreason.
Hugh also wanted to demonstrate that it's possible to live a simpler life.
Has he succeeded? Hugh thinks so. At first, he was nervous about living in the forest, but now he enjoys beingsurrounded by nature. In fact, a psychologist has said that Hugh could have problems returning to his former life: "Hugh has been spending a lot of time in the countryside, so he would find it difficultto cope with a cramped house in a noisy city."
During the past year, Hugh has appeared in the national newspapers. People can't believe he lives in the forest, and still goes to work in a...
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