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Section 2: Store Call Basics
Table of Contents

Customer Service 2

Workplace Safety 3

Standards of Conduct 3

Time Management Skills 3

Team Skills 3

Starting Your Day 3

Store Call Overview 3

Work With Planograms 3

Components of a Planogram 3
Cover Page 3
Schematic 3
SKU Listing or Line Listing 3
Planogram Pre-Work 3
Read a 12-Digit UPC Code 3
Set the Planogram 3Remove the Old Planogram 3
Reset the New Planogram 3
Work With Multiple Fixtures 3
Finishing Up 3

Selling Using the S.I.E.R.A Selling Format 3

Reporting Data Using SalesTrak 3

Customer Service

As a Retail Representative, you are responsible for interacting with clients and providing reliable, high quality execution merchandising. Did you know that:

10 The number of customerscompanies lose for every one that complains of poor service.
7 It costs seven times more to get a new client than to keep an existing one.
13% Of people will tell more than 20 people about their bad experience.
90% Of Unhappy clients will not do business with a company again.
95% Of customers WILL return if an issue is resolved quickly and efficiently.

Who is your "client" or"customer"?

Your client/customer can be any or all of the following:

• The retail store that you are performing the work in
• The manufacturer or third-party who is paying to have you do the work
• The customer in the store who will be buying the product
• Your fellow Retail Representatives who are part of your "team"
• While all the "clients" listedabove are equally important and each have different expectations of you, they all share the same purpose. That purpose is to provide your clients/customers the most memorable service experience and in the process achieve a significant and powerful differentiation from your competitors!

Retail Representatives are encouraged to go the extra mile and build strong relationships with valued businesspartners and to understand the client’s business and competitors. Nothing ensures loyalty like great service.

To the best Retail Representatives, clients are important people; you care about them and want to meet and exceed their expectations. Below is a list of what ALL merchandising companies expect when dealing with the client:

Ethical Behavior/Work Quality:

Clients trust RetailRepresentatives with their promotional products (coupons, rebates, tools, etc.) and you, as a Retail Representative, cannot abuse this trust.

Always remember that your actions reflect on client and store images. Within the stores, and in all your contact with store personnel, you must conduct yourself in an exemplary way. This includes appropriate and professional dress, language and treatment ofpeople, including team members, customers and store employees.
Always perform the work fully and accurately and report your work in a timely manner.
Work your scheduled hours; show up on time, take scheduled breaks and finish up in the allotted time.
Remember, you have chosen a career in the Service Business. The only product you have is what you can do for your customers.

RetailRepresentatives who go the "extra mile":

• Pay attention to the small details that are important to their customers (internal and external) like "accurately completing assigned paperwork" and "reporting information on time".
• Are trained to do things that are important (trained on the fine points of handling customer problems)
• Are encouraged to go above and beyond on customer service.Service Recovery:
What happens when you don’t meet the needs of the client? It is not enough to "just apologize" for failing to meet the clients expectations of your work.

Service Recovery is defined as the ability to make things right when foul-ups occur.

Service Recovery deals with the handling of customer dissatisfaction, customer complaints and any customer problems or difficulties with...