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Uruguay is a very small country in the east of South America. Uruguay has very beautiful coastlines and seashores. Uruguay is also known the heart country because of the shape. Uruguay isa very good place to take a vacation. It has many beautiful sealines, seashores, and even very beautiful islands.
Uruguay has a very colorful story full of heroes and independences butalsdo has a dark side full of wars and murders. Uruguay’s first towns where the charrus the arriving of the Europeans dates from 1516 when the territory was discover by Juan Diaz De Solis who sailed inthe Rio De Plata. Uruguay Was taken between Portugal and Spain for almost two centuries but finally Uruguay successfully revolted against their enemies in august 25, 1825. Uruguay had its firstconstitution in July 18, 1830. After the first constitution their first president was Fructoso Rivera. One of their national heroes was Jose Artigas. Between 1680 and 1683 fighting the possession of Spain onthe region the Portuguese established a colony in the shore of Rio de Plata. The Spaniards founded the city of Monte video which is also today’s Uruguay’s capitals.
Uruguay is consider athird world country but is also a very colorful country and it gains money by tourists.Uruguay’s economy is based in exporting. Uruguay’s major export is wool, sugar and sugar cane. The other waysUruguay makes money is by tourists. Tourists are amazed by the amazing different seashores and sea lines. Most of the tourists visit Montevideo one of the most tourist visited cities in UruguayMontevideo is also the capital of Uruguay.50 percent of Uruguay’s economy comes from Montevideo. Agriculture completes nine percent of uruguays economy.
Uruguay is the second smallest country insouth America. It is laso called the heart shaped country because of the heart shape it has. Uruguay is located in the southern of South America between 53 and 58 west longitudes and 30 and 35 south...
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