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The Psychology is so helpful and is focus on learning processes, with the psychologist appears the information process and here it assumes the limit of the human quantityinformation he had stored.

The psychology focus on the increasing of stimuli and responses more than on the inferred abstraction rules, where a lot of importance the role has and theenvironment as the input competence in the learning process, as linguistic source.  

Modern research makes use of biology, neuroscience, cognitive science, and information theory to study how thebrain processes language.
There are a number of sub disciplines; for example, as non-invasive techniques for studying the neurological workings of the brain.
Psycholinguistics covers thecognitive processes that make it possible to generate a grammatical and meaningful sentence out of vocabulary and grammatical structures, as well as the processes that make it possible to understandutterances, words, text, etc.
The Psycholinguistic refers to a process where the language is the main cue the language. The process includes the different mechanisms that the language processrepresented in mind.
Developmental psycholinguistics studies children ability to learn language, usually with experimental or at least quantitative methods and that contrast with the naturalisticobservations by Jean Piaget in his research on the development of children.
Psycholinguistics is interdisciplinary in nature and is studied by people in a variety of fields, such as psychology,cognitive science, and linguistics.
There are some methods like Naturally Method, Experimental Techniques.
According to the Linguistic and the language process, there are three processesto relate to the linguistic.
Top –down vs. bottom-up processing, they are related to the interpretation of the language and analyze the sentences and the lexical content.
Top-down is the...
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