Quality for hospitals

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Jesús Omar Nuño Torres
Juan Pablo Villalobos Dávila
ASSIGNMENT 006: Dimensions of Quality
Your proposal must discuss, for each business:
1. The nature of the business (Industry orManufacturing, Service, Education, Government, other)
2. For each dimension, mention at least three quality characteristics or CTQ that a customer will perceive as a part of the correspondent dimension.3. For each feature selected for question 2, recommend at least one measurement useful to monitor the quality of the product or service

Business or products to describe:

A Hospital
1. Thenature of the business of a hospital is services.
a) Performance:
* Percentage of time that rooms are not available (%)
* Percentage of time that doctors are not doing anything(%)
* Percentage of time that equipment are not been used (%)

b) Reliability:
* Number of mistakes committed by the personal (#)
* Age of the equipment (Years)
* Times per monththat a doctor doesn’t got to work (days/month)

c) Durability:
* Amount of days you stay at the hospital (#)
* Number of years that the equipment last (Years)
* Times that theyimproved the hospital (# of times)

d) Serviceability:
* How easy to get equipment that they don´t have (Days, hours…)
* Time to get the medication (Days, Hours…)
* Time to check aperson. (Days, Hours)
e) Aesthetics:
* Clean Rooms (# Of clean rooms)
* Times that they improved the hospital (# of times)
* Personal (# of people that works at cleaning)

f) Features:* Number of rooms (#)
* Equipment (# of different equipment for a specific disease)
* Doctor (# of doctors specialized in different topics or diseases)

g) Perceived Quality:
*Times that they had attend you in a good way (#)
* Number of recovered people (#)
* Amount of money that the hospital ask for the attention ($)

h) Conformance to Standards:
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