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  • Publicado : 17 de octubre de 2010
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Isaac Newton was born on 25 December 164 in a small village of Woolsthorpe, in Lincolnshire. His father, a yeoman, had just died in early October, after their marriage in April this year with HannahAyscough, from a regular family who is his mother. When young Isaac had just turned three years, her mother re-married the Rev. Barnabas Smith, rector of North Witham, which resulted in an event thatdecisively influence the development of the character of Newton. Hannah moved to the house of her new husband and her son stayed at Woolsthorpe in the care of his maternal grandmother. By that act,the mother inmaterno, Newton grew up with an intense hatred in his heart, passing the years, grew up in the idea of hate that was trying to burn his house with his mother and stepfather in, as revengefor leave But I fail to happen. When Newton was twelve, his mother, a widow again, returned to Woolsthorpe, bringing a valuable inheritance that had left her second husband, and that Newton wouldbenefit her death in 1679, and three siblings to Isaac, two girls and a boy.
A year later, Newton was put on the King's School in the nearby town of Grantham. There was also a major change in hischaracter: his initial indifference to the studies, probably arose from shyness and withdrawal, was turned into fierce competitive spirit that led him to be first class. It was a sober boy, quiet,meditative, who preferred to build tools, for girls to play with her dolls, to share the amusement of other boys, according to the testimony of one of her fellow female infant, who was already an old woman, wasteenager claimed a relationship with Newton, the only one who is known by a woman. Sixteenth birthday, her mother did return home to begin to address the issues of inheritance. However, Isaac was notinterested at all to assume its responsibilities as a landlord. His mother, advised by the master of Newton and his brother, agreed to return to school to prepare for university entrance. This...
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