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Quick PDF+ Instructions
Welcome to Quick PDF+! This application is intended to allow you to view .pdf, .doc, .jpeg, .xls, and more on the iPad quickly, using a simple and straightforward interface.Loading and Removing Documents on your iPad
In order to make the best use of this application, it's helpful to have documents to view. In order to load your documents onto your iPad , connect youriPad to iTunes. Your iPad should show up under "Devices" .

After selecting your iPad, you should see tabs in the center window. Click on the 'Apps' tab two which is located right between the'Info' and 'Music' tabs. Scroll down to the bottom of your Apps page and you will see a file sharing section with all of your Apps listed that have the ability to load files. Select Quick PDF+. Then select'Add' Once you have selected click the files you would like to view, you're all done. It may take a few seconds for your documents to sync, but they are usually updated quickly. You can tell if a filehas already synced, because it will appear in black. Files that have not synced appear gray. To remove unwanted files using iTunes, go to the the same place where you added the files to the add and clickon the file and press the delete button on your keyboard and the file will no longer appear on your list of Documents. Be sure to press sync after removing a file to be sure that it is no longer on youriPad.

Using Quick PDF+

Quick PDF+ is a straight forward App. Good news. If you've made it this far in the guide, you've just about mastered the App :) Landscape orientation allows you to seeyour available document files in a list on the left and a preview of those documents on the right. At the top of the files you will find a search bar that allows you to search for your desired file. Thedocument files also have a tag on the left side signifying what kind of file it is. Portrait orientation allows you to see documents full screen. If you click file on the top left, then you will get the...
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