Quien fue mas leal en la obra de julio cesar? marco antonio o bruto? (en ingles)

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Julius Caesar (Essay) |
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Who was more loyal to Caesar, Mark Antony or Brutus?

“A good friend is someone who walks into your door just when everyone else leaves.” The tragedy of Julius Caesar shows us what the meaning of a true friendship is. As we read the story we can see that Caesar had twoclose friends: Brutus and Mark Antony. They both loved Caesar and wanted what was best for him, or this is what is shown at the beginning of the story. When the question about who was more loyal to Caesar is asked, is time to make a comparison between Brutus and Antony’s personalities and their personal relationships with Caesar. At the end of the story we can see that Mark Antony is a betterfriend and is more loyal to Caesar because he is seriously affected by his death, he shows his pain even in front of the conspirators, stays unmovable in his position not letting the conspirators convince him to do nothing, makes justice, and never stops fighting for Caesar’s honor.
Mark Antony is a better friend because he seems to be really hurt when he knows Caesar is dead. When Antony learnsabout Caesar’s death he is shocked, but instantly reacts and instead of showing pity for himself he prefers to make sure if Caesar’s death was not in vain when he said:
“O mighty Caesar! Dost thou lie so low?
Are all thy conquests, glories, triumphs, spoils,
Shrunk to this little measure? Fare thee well.” (Act III, Scene 1, pg. 72)
We can clearly see here that Antony reallycared not only about his friendship with Caesar but for Caesar himself; by reading thoroughly his words we can see that they had had a long and true friendship, they had lived their conquests, glories, triumphs, and spoils together, they have shard many moments and it seems that Mark Antony had always been there for Caesar. The question here is, was Brutus this close to Caesar, or at least thoughtreally about every action he made? We know his true intentions when he said:
”-Not that I have loved Caesar less, but
That I loved Rome more.” (Act III, Scene 2, pg 81)
Brutus can be said to be a patriot but his loyalty to Caesar is questionable. If he was such a good friend to Caesar, he would at least tried to make Caesar change or speak to him about the conspirator’s doubts andfears before taking action without saying a word to him. Maybe this is why the conspirators didn’t choose Mark Antony to help them and chose Brutus instead. They knew Brutus was going to be easily manipulated and that his pain could be easily changed or forgotten by getting him focused on what was “best for Rome”, so they could achieve their own selfish goals. They knew Mark Antony would have been sohurt that he would not stick to the plan. The interesting thing about Mark Antony is the emotional strength he had; he was able to shake hands with the people who had killed his best friend in front of the dead body. He does not feel good with it and asks for forgiveness to Caesar when he says:
“If then thy spirit look upon us now,
Shall it not grieve thee dearer than thy death
To seethy Antony making his peace,
Shaking the bloody fingers of thy foes—
Most noble! — In the presence of thy corse?
Had I as many eyes as thou hast wounds,
Weeping as fast as they stream forth thy blood,
It would become me better than to close
In terms of friendship with thine enemies.
Pardon me, Julius! Here wast thou bayed, brave hart;” (Act III, Scene 1, pg 74-75)The conspirators heard this; Mark Antony was not ashamed of his friendship with Caesar, he knew his life was in danger but nothing else seemed to matter anymore. He is disappointed at the conspirators and even tells them eat if they want to kill him, to do it. This shows us that he prefers to die rather than joining the conspirators or doing nothing, he says to the conspirators:
I do beseech...
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