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  • Publicado : 21 de marzo de 2011
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Unstoppable is the growth of the population living in Zaragoza,city of gold today, just 20 minutes from Buenaventura.

Looking to get resources to mitigate the cost of living more than 8,000 people develop daily mining activities in this territory, which has become, after the port, the second largest source of employment for the city, which hints a considerable number ofpeople financially dependent on the mine.

What until a few years ago was a town surrounded by villages invisible, became a small town where there are restaurants, shops, bars, prostitution and unfortunately a latent focus of violence.

More than 15 murders in one year is shown, the territorial struggle for gold led to a culture of violence in the area, where ore mining capacity is above theprimary fundamental right.

Have a backhoe in Zaragoza, today gives more profit than the famous DMG, which explains that hundreds of foreigners have decided to come to Buenaventura and introduce machinery for mining minera.Lo outrageous the situation is that the natives are insignificant rewards for their work , given the large sums collected by the owners of these machines.

On the other hand, theenvironmental landscape is even more daunting, the deterioration of Dagua River is clear, because as a result of exploration is the river levee and significantly contaminated, affecting even the basins of its tributaries are in a nature reserve .

It is also essential to mention that all this negative environmental impact affects the Bay of Buenaventura.
But what are the measures they will takethe district authorities, departmental and national efforts to solve these social problems, economic and environmental? Even they know it.

As the Mayor of the city and national government are betting on the legalization of these operations, some provincial authorities and society are opposed to this port.

The truth is that the problem is becoming increasingly acute and the competentauthorities fail to act even high incidence, demonstrating that both the district administration, the departmental and national government.


Sandra Riascos is a machine for washing clothes and bearing children. At 30 years, with his round face and perpetual smile, has seven pins and nothing daunted. In his village is known as the hard to wash clothes on the banks of Dagua,in the village of Zaragoza, jurisdiction of Buenaventura.

In this affluent, the same one where until a couple of years floated the victims of the paramilitaries and the guerrillas, was on Sunday April 5, 2009, when a flash of gold began to shine his eyes. He approached a mound of earth formed by a backhoe, and thanks to their ancestors miners soon realized that the bright material was dispersedgold sparkles all over the beach.

Sandra says naively that kept them secret and only told the 100 relatives who live in the village. Unfortunately for her the rumor floated down, and within 24 hours, your laundry room was crammed with people seeking the American dream, who fought to death by a piece of land to dig. "I worked on that Sunday, most of the night and I managed to get 20 grams ofgold sold for a million pesos. More na, "he confessed with a towel while airing the wound from her last cesarean delivery.

This woman and many of the 630 Colombians living in the village is an hour of Buenaventura, believes that the fortunes of the mine has been a disgrace. "We brought more problems than benefits," said Salome Reyes, one of the commoner, who said that a Korean and a Brazilian, whowere with their dredges up a few months ago, and took the greatest wealth of the mine.

The truth is that before and after the gold discovery Sandra Zaragoza remains the same village inhabited by poverty. "We have a health post, we are threatened by a stream that spills into winter and the only school where 130 children study no desks for everyone," argued the commoner. All this just as last...
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