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QUIZ UNITS 11 & 12

I.Replace the underlined words with compound adjectives from the box.

a. Many compassionate volunteers made the charity posible. ___________________
b. A tolerant andflexible person can work with all kinds of people. _________________
c. Many of our heroes are famous all over the world. ______________________
d. Our charity has a broad impact around the world.___________________
e. The candidate´s inspiring speech touched me. ______________________
f. Her work with the homeless was appreciated by everyone. _____________________

II. Complete eachsentence with the superlative form of the compound adjectives in parentheses.

a. Titanic is one of ______________________ movies of all time. (widely seen)

b. My sisters are all stubborn, butI am ______________________ of us all. (strong-minded)

c. Nail is _____________________ volunteer in our group. (hard-working)

d. Mr. Shiragami was _____________________ leader of ourorganization. (long-lasting)

e. My neighbor is _____________________ woma I´ve ever met. (narrow-minded)

III. Circle the expression that best completes each sentence.

1. When I need help,I look to / face up to my friends for support.

2. I look after / take after my mother in that I am terrible at drawing.

3. I feel like I´ll never live up to / side with the accomplishments mysiblings have made.

4. When I look to / go through hard times, I tend to keep to myself.

5. After my father died, I helped my mother look after / take after my younger siblings.

6. When myfriends argue, I try not to check on / side with an of them.

7. When I forgot my son´s birthday, I had to look to / face up to the consequences.

8. I usually call my grandmother three times aweek to check on / take after her.

IV. Rewrite the sentences to make them more formal. Use inversion.

a. If I had not met Dr. Fun, I would never have had the idea for my company....
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