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  • Publicado : 17 de marzo de 2011
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I got ice in my veins
Blood in my eye
Hate in my heart
Love in my mind
I seen nights full of pain
Days of thesame
You keep the sunshine
Save me the rain
I search but never find
Hurt but never cry
I work and forever tryBut im cursed so never mine
And its worse but better times
Seems further and beyond
The top gets higher the more that I climbThe spot gets smaller and I get bigger
Tryna get me where I fit in
No room for a n*gga but soon for a n*gga
It be on mutherf**ker causeAll this bullsh-t have made me strong, mutherf-cker

Chorus: Lil' Wayne

So I pick the world up and im a drop it on yourf*ckin head
Yeah, bitch ima pick the World up and
I’ma drop it on your f*ckin head
Yeah, and I can die no rebirth now mutherf**kerHop up in my spaceship and leave earth motherf**ker
I’m gone, mutherf*cker, I’m gone

Verse 2

I know what theydont wanna tell you
Just hope your heaven sent and ya hell proof
I’ll wake up in the World and cut the lights off
And confidence is a stain they cantwipe off
Uh, my word is my pride
But wisdom is bleak and thats a word from the wise
Served to survive
murder and bribeAnd when it got too heavy i put my burden aside..


So I pick the world up and im a drop it on your f*ckin head...
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