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Resident Evil 5 Treasure Guide

- Value: 5,000 -
Description: A gold ring with precious stones. It could fetch a good price.
Locations:- Chapter 1-1: During the fight in the public assembly, you'll eventually fight the Executioner Majini. Kill him and he'll drop this.
o Chapter 1-2: Kill Uroboros the good old fashioned way: Shoot it until it dies. If you use the incineration chamber, you won't get the Ring.
o Chapter 3-2: When Josh is using thefinal computer to open the door, a Chainsaw Majini will make his way towards you from the other side of the room. While it's difficult to kill him on your first run through the game, you should wait for him and kill him if you have the correct resources later. He drops a Ring.
o Chapter 3-2: When you get to the docks, you'll eventuallyget a count-down during which you need to run to a boat. Also at this time, a Big Man Majini will appear and attack. Kill him to get your fourth Ring and do it fast!).
2. IVORY RELIEF- Value: 2,000 -
Description: A beautiful woman's portrait has been carved into the ivory. The handiwork is impeccable.
- Chapter1-2: During this chapter, you'll eventually come across a woman in a building (you'll know because of the cutscene). Kill her when she attacks, and she'll drop the Relief. Be careful though, the exposed parasite can take a while to kill unless you have a flash grenade handy._____________________________________________________________________________
- Value: 2,000 -
Description: A necklace of pure gold with a large medallion hanging from it.Location:

- Chapter 5-2: Quite a ways into the chapter, just before the Uroboros boss, you'll come across a set of conveyor belts with crates on one and corpses on the others. This is just after youencounter your first Reaper. Anyway, when you reach these belts, turn them on using the lever. Jump onto them and run towards the fire until you can switch over to the belts with the dead bodies. Run back up the belt, and you should be able to grab TWO of the Dead Bride's Necklaces before you reach the other side. Just be careful though, they aren't quite "dead."- Chapter 6-1: After killing the gatling gun mini boss and collecting the two card keys, you'll enter a room with three Rocket Launcher Majinis. Each will drop a Dead Bride's Necklace. For whatever weird reason.
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