Treasure island

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The title of the book I have read is “ Treasure Island” punished by Oxford University Press in a simplified aditions for students of English.
Level 4. It is a collection of shorts stories, writtenby Robert Louis Stevenson . The type of de book is adventure.
The stories happen in seaside village in south-west England in the mid-18th century.

The plot
The book begins with the narrator, JimHawkins, he starts by recounting a pirate that resided with his family while he was a boy, living at his father's inn, the "Admiral Benbow,". One day, a seamen calls Billy Bones arrives at the inngravely ill and stays for several months, whose only possession is an old chest. The put one receives the visit of a blind sailor on the same night that the father of Jim dies. This one threatens Bonessaying that later he and his bailiffs should attack him to recover the chest. Bones he dies of apoplexy, product of his addiction to the rum. Jim and his mother flee with the content of the chest andsee from out as the pirates destroy the Admiral Benbow.
Jim shelters in the house of the gentleman (Trelawney) together with the Doctor Livesey, leaving the mother in the people which previously theyhad been going to ask for help, which was the nearby mas of the put one. Jim shows them the map of the exchequer that he found in the chest of Bones and the three decide to look for it. Trelawneyobtains as crew members Long John Silver, ex-cook of the Captain Flint, and the Captain Smollet supervised by the Hispaniola. In spite of the protests of the Captain on his bad crew, the ship sets sail.During the voyage, Jim hides himself in a barrel of apples and, inside him, listens to the plans of perfidy of Silver and other sailors. Jim comments on the happened to his companions who decide to plana plan against them.

Some of the characters:

Long John Silver was hired by the Squire to be the cook on the Hispaniola.He is a clever, sneaky and dastardly villain who is feared by all. He...
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