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  • Publicado : 11 de enero de 2011
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Cacti: The Complete RRDTool-based Graphing Solution

latest version: 0.8.7g

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Spine Changelog
feature: Multi threaded host polling

bug: Not all configuration paths are searched for spine.conf bug: If host has MAX OID's set to 0, timeouts occur bug: Properly detect full Cygwin installs by finding sh.exebug: Don't perform TCP Ping retries in Windows. You cannot set socket send timeouts in Windows

bug#0001310: Feature request for poller.php- single host polling bug#0001313: Spine takes an excessive amount of time timing out failed tcp pings bug#0001358: (cacti + spine) svn. Using snmp v3 constantly get "value: U", whereas snmpget returns correct value bug#0001379: Ping.c might sendmore then retry_count icmp packages bug#0001381: configure script distributed with cactispine-0.8.7c is broken bug#0001420: PCOMMAND: Poller[0] Host[80] WARNING: Recache Event Detected for Host bug: A host that for some reason can not initialize snmp can cause a segfault bug: When using nifty popen, when the script times out, attempt to kill it bug: Under some platforms tcp and udp ping unresponsivebug: Availability messaging incorrect for snmpv3 hosts bug: TCP Pings that receive a connection refused are good pings bug: Avoid segmentation faults when Reindex table issues are found bug: When performing snmp_get's, dont assume no error means non-null response bug: Some snmp agents don't getnext on ".1" and need another oid ".1.3" bug: Net-snmp versioning breaks snmpV3 bug: Use system levelsnmp_retries variable instead of 3 feature: Add one additional debug message to the poller code to track data sources polled feature: Add more config paths for packagers feature: Allow specification of an optional hostlist instead of first and last hostid's feature: Integrate more tightly with boost by allowing writing directly to the boost output table

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13/12/2010 12:51

Cacti: TheComplete RRDTool-based Graphing Solution

feature: Complete implementation poller_id field for people using a poller_id for polling.

bug#0001022: strip_quotes incorrectly parsing script output bug#0001097: Spine: Patch to allow unknown values including "Nan" and "U" without warnings bug#0001101: spine hangs and times out bug#0001130: ERROR:Spine Timed Out While Processing Hosts Internal bug#0001147: spine doesn't trim white space from data template OIDs bug#0001152: Running spine w/o setuid-root on Solaris bug#0001186: clarify INSTALL documentation. bug#0001231: Compiling Spine on Solaris 10 bug#0001260: Deadlock in ping.c when resolving bad hostnames bug#0001271: hex string to decimal conversion bug#0001277: Spine reporting partialresult or 'U' for SNMP value bug: Correct a buffer overrun issue in poller.c bug: If the script server goes away due to a syntax problem, it will not restart bug: If the snmp session is not created spine times out bug: If your snmp context changes between poller items, the context would not always change feature: Use threadsafe gethostbyname_r feature: Improve mysql logging feature: Allowoverriding the default results buffer size feature: Allow overriding the default max mysql buffer (insert) size feature: Allow overriding the maximum simultaneous scripts setting

bug#0001054: Cactid/Spine installation instructions are missing dependencies bug#0001056: Spine/Cactid configure reports incorrect URL for bug reporting bug#0001071: When using Multiget OID's in Spine Errored OID's...
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