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Analysis & Simulation
Electric, Magnetic and Thermal analysis of cables and lines
The analysis of cables and lines involves several physical domains and constraints.Magnetic, Electric and Thermal fields are of interest for the optimisation of any type of cables. Flux enables the simulation of steady, harmonic and transient states for magnetic, electric and thermalbehaviour.
“FLUX (2D) was used to verify analytical derived and experimental results for the temperature rise and the changed temperature distribution over the cable cross-section due to non linearloads”.

Dr Frederick D’Hulster, Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen, Belgium.

Advanced models for advanced simulation WEB LINKS
In its standard range of tools, Flux offers many facilities for a properdesign: • Mixed mesh generator to perfectly physical anisotropy such as Eddy Currents, account for
Power density display on cables accounting for frequency and proximity effects.

Power networksThermal analysis Magnetic analysis Electric analysis

• Propagation (copy paste) of geometry and mesh keeping parameter dependencies (e.g. 3-phase cables),

• High geometric tolerance that allowsmodelling of very small internal details in a cable, while also allowing modelling a sufficient amount of surrounding environment (e.g. seawater), • CAD interface: formats such as STEP, IGES, DXF or meshimport from I-DEAS, ProE, Patran, Nastran… Moreover, surface impedance formulation allows accounting for eddy currents on thin regions, such as armour shells, while decreasing the number of nodes, hencethe computation time.

Various physical domains
Various physical quantities are to be known while designing and analysing cables: • Magnetic quantities to ensure the nominal power can be carried bythe cable, • Electric quantities to ensure that the breakdown electric field is not exceeded around the cable or the line, • Thermal quantities to check temperature rise and temperature influence...
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