Reducing class better

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  • Publicado : 14 de diciembre de 2011
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Reducing class size, a better option
From many years ago it has been observed that young people have a worse formation than their ancestors. Statiscians have detected a decrease of the childrenmarks, especially from high school children from twelve to sixteen years old. Spain is one of the European countries with a highest rate and causes are being studied now. Absenteeism and bad education athome (we can find also other causes) seem to be the central causes of the problem. But psychologists have suggested a solution that, in consequence, is increasing the marks and improving thesituation: the reduction of the students in class. Firstly, recent investigations from the national statistics show that 70% of the Spanish students have these kinds of problems. For example, pupils from E.S.Odo not do their homework and prepared the exam the day before. As a result, students do not get a high mark and only a pass. These manifest clearly that a solution must be proposed, because educationis the most important point of life and on this depends the early future of a country. In addition, it has been observed that motivated students take better marks than others who spend time doingother things like talking to the telephone or playing games. The effect of these is that they lose a lot of time and do not study enough to pass an exam. A motivate student is very conscious about hisobligations so he studies having plenty of time to solve problems and use other ways to reinforce his learning. But the only way to solve all these problems is reducing the students of a class. First ofall, doing it you are giving a more ‘individualized education’ to all your students, solving their problems and having a better context in class. Remember that few people make the lesson moreenjoyable. Second, you are going to know better your students so you can motivate and educate them in order to make them not to forget doing their homework and studying day by day. If a student looks you...
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